Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day, Bollywood Confidential-style

Who's Your Daddy?
By Suleikha Snyder

In this special, never-been-published, ficlet set after the events of SPICE AND SMOKE, partners Vikram Malhotra and Sam Khanna ring in the holiday with potty mouths and a little tongue. Reading the novella first isn't necessary, but if you want to find out how the guys get here, pick up a copy of S&S now! (Contains adult language and couple-y affection between two dudes.)

The rose inspired hilarity. The coffee and biscuits, a smacking kiss on the mouth and an exaggerated romantic declaration of "You're a saint like Harsh Mathur, jaan-e-maan!" As for the card…" 'Happy Father's Day'? Yeh kya hain?" Sam frowned, his thin eyebrows furrowing. "What in the hell is this?"

Vikram wasn't offended. Nahin, he was just half-naked. And very amused. "They don't have 'Happy Motherfucker's Day' cards at the Hallmark store," he murmured, dryly. "When they make some, I will buy you that also."

The gleam in Sam's eye was purely of the devil. Everything of Sam was of the devil. He set the greeting card on the tray Viki had brought in, well out of harm's way. "You know, Vikram…ever since your mummy-daddy moved to Miami, you've become very Amrikan. Too modern…and so vulgar. I don't know if I like it." He clicked his tongue, admonishingly. "All I wanted was a nice desi boy to raise Jaidev with. I know Michael Gill is half-English, but he's much more tradi--"

"Abhe tera baap!" Viki growled with mock anger, leaning forward and cutting off the chatter with a kiss.

Somehow, Sam managed to keep talking, blustering about Viki's exclamation like they were literally talking about his father. "Mera baap? What does my father have to do with anything?" he trilled, sounding more playful than he had in years. "He's probably been reincarnated already. Is it his day, too? How does that work? Tell me, suddenly Amrikan boyfriend. What is the tradition?"

"You're crazy. Tum paagal ho." Vikram couldn't help but laugh, kiss him, and laugh some more. "My God…Jaidev is lucky I'm again in your lives," he huffed, leaning his forehead against Sam's. "He needs one sane influence, na? A role model?"

Not that Viki had ever considered himself any kind of hero. He was content to be just what he was: Jai’s beloved Viki Uncle…and Sam’s heart.

Sam's fingers entangled in his hair, gripping tightly, and he twisted the suddenly sober moment into a sexy one…where their lips moved together fiercely as Sam climbed into his lap. "We're both lucky," he whispered, nipping at Viki's mouth. "Very lucky." He snaked his hand between them, stroking Vikram through the thin cotton of his pyjama. "Happy Fatherfucker's Day," he chuckled. "Is there a card for that?"

June 2012. Please do not redistribute full text.

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