Press and Praise


•March 23, 2012: Yahoo! India: Global Indians: My Story. "I've Always Been a Writer, Always Been a Storyteller."

•May 20, 2012: Scandalous Women Radio: The Scandalous Women of Bollywood.

•December 24, 2012: USA Today: Happy Ever After: "Hooray for Bollywood."

•January 23, 2014: The Toast: A Conversation About Asian-American Erotic Fiction.

•February 13, 2014: Bitch Media: Three Authors Discuss Their Favorite Romance Novels Featuring People of Color.

•July 25, 2014: She Knows: Classic Disney fairy tales are being rewritten as erotic literature.

•March 2015: RWR/Romance Writers Report: "Diversity in Romance" by Sylvie Fox and Beth Yarnall.

•May 2015: RWR/Romance Writers Report: "Speaking Out" by Courtney Milan.


 ...for the Bollywood Confidential series:

"Read Spice and Smoke for a culture change and wonder if it could be happening in a film set near you..." -- Fresh Fiction

"Bollywood + angst + humor + HEA + great writing = I want MORE." -- Kelly, Insta-Love

"The dialogue feels real. So do the characters who have flaws and/or vulnerabilities...I also loved the moviemaking milieu and the fact that Spice and Smoke dared to be different." -- Janine, Dear Author

"An evocative fairy tale full of deep passion, dark secrets and redemptive love ... the emotions that fill every page of [Bollywood and the Beast] are very real and deeply moving." - Bridget Keown, RT Book Reviews

"Bollywood is the perfect setting for a romance with its glamour and emphasis on appearances, as demonstrated by Suleikha Snyder's Bollywood and the Beast...the whole story takes on a magical feel, one that allows anything to happen." -- Julia Broadbooks, Heroes and Heartbreakers

"As you may have guessed from the title, Bollywood and the Beast is a Beauty and the Beast story set in Bollywood-but it's so much more than that. It's a book about a bi-racial heroine not feeling accepted by any cultural identity, and it has a delicious May/December m/m romance on the side. It's all the things, you guys." - A-,  Elyse, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

 ...for anthologies and stand-alone novellas:

"[Heart Murmurs is] a smart & seductive, feel-good short story!" -- Carly Phillips, New York Times bestselling author

"Opening Act probably has the most stubborn hero I have read in a long time; he's also probably the sweetest. The world that Snyder created for her lovers is filled with laugh out loud humor and poignant emotional connections...Opening Act is a funny, sexy read until the curtain closes." - Nicole Leapheart, Heroes and Heartbreakers

"Possibly my favorite tale in [The Big Book of Orgasms] was 'Matinee' by Suleikha Snyder. Rarely have I read such vivid evocation of youthful lust." -- Lisabeth Sarai, Erotica Revealed

"A Taste of Blessings [in Silver Belles] has hot romantic tension going on in the midst of a religious Hindu festival. I loved this story for all the cultural details woven seamlessly into the fabric of the Indian Bengali American society in the Midwest." A-, Desert Isle Keeper review, Keira Soleore, All About Romance