About the Author

Born and raised in the United States by old-school Bengali/Indian parents, Suleikha has always marched to the beat of her own dhol.

From an early age, Suleikha was enraptured by books, film and television...finding a place to belong amidst the crew of the Millennium Falcon and the glittering ballrooms of the ton. By age 11, she was writing fan fiction, playing with canonical characters as well as creating Indian-American characters to interact with the casts of favorite TV shows (Mary Sues...or Mala Sues, as it were).
Twenty-plus years after those humble beginnings scribbling 21 Jump Street stories with paper and pen, Suleikha is pursuing her dream of being a romance writer. Her short stories and novellas are spicy, often LGBT-themed, and frequently peppered with bits of Hindi or Bengali. Expect both masala and masti!

A passionate advocate for diversity and inclusivity in publishing, Suleikha is frequently ranting when she should really be adding to her body of work. She lives in New York City, finding inspiration in Bollywood films, daytime and primetime soaps and anything that involves chocolate or bacon.