Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cover reveal: BOLLYAMOROUS

My first release of 2013 is upon us! Coming out January 4 from Ravenous Romance is my short novella, Bollyamorous. (Yes, I won't lie, the title came first. I do not necessarily advise writing in this manner!)

Cricketer Simon D'Souza and his supermodel wife Sonia are going through a rough patch. Okay, so their entire marriage is a rough patch...the delicious kind. When rising Bollywood star Veer Mehta gets a glimpse of some of Sonia’s erotically won bruises, he lands between a rock and a hard place—and between the D’Souzas’ dysfunctional sheets!

 As Veer tackles his most intriguing role yet, Simon and Sonia will have to consider their own roles in this sizzling ménage. Does their picture have a shot in Hell of ending in happily-ever-after?

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  1. Most awesome new year coolness, SS! And I LOOOOVE the title! In fact I often have titles pop into my head and just like that an entire story falls into place. You never know...

    Good luck with this latest and keep the good times rolling!

  2. Thanks, Lise! The story didn't quite fall into place so much as I dragged it there, but it was a rewarding experience!