Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Newish Release is Up for Pre-order!

What do you do when a bunch of your stories go away due to publisher-related natural disasters? You put up more! This labor of love is a collection of shorts and novellas, both new and old, spanning my entire publishing career so far. Some of them will be familiar to readers — like Heart Murmurs and Spice & Sand — so don't feel pressured to buy Ishq Factors if you already own those two tales! But I'm not going to complain if you DO still buy it. ;)

It's $2.99 for 12 stories of varying lengths, and I'm happy to furnish ARCs to reviewers. The book drops on April 4, 2017! 

From the past to the future, from hotel rooms to hospitals to homes, passion can bloom anywhere. In this collection of previously released and brand-new stories, Suleikha Snyder describes the many permutations of love, of ishq.

You have a thing for your hot boss. You can’t get your ex out of your head. You’re not supposed to be together. You are supposed to be together. He doesn’t remember you. You can’t forget her. She died. You die. Somehow, love and lust still find a way. These are the Ishq Factors.

Pre-order Ishq Factors at:

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Also, OMGWTFBBQ, this is a thing that has already happened:

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