Wednesday, August 15, 2012

HEART MURMURS release day!

What do you write while you're obsessed with All My Children, General Hospital, Grey's Anatomy and a certain Dr. David Hayward in particular? If you're me, you end up with medical romance. Very, very short medical romance! Heart Murmurs is out today, from The Wild Rose Press:

Despite her best efforts to stay professional, distant, and unmoved, cardio-thoracic resident Anushka Gupta can't get brilliant—and gorgeous—neurologist Vince McHenry out of her head. So what if she presents all the symptoms of a woman in love, Anu is determined to fight off the disease. She’s not going to compromise her career for a fling with a professional playboy.

Hospital heartthrob Vince has never met someone so untouchable or so prickly, and he’s immediately consumed by her case. He even has a course of treatment in mind: a night of passion.

But when Anu's defensive push comes to Vince's passionate shove, he finds himself suddenly specializing in matters of the heart.

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For less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks, you get a little taste of contemporary interracial romance!

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