What people are saying about the works of Amazon best-selling author Suleikha Snyder...

 "I'm bribing Suleikha with coffee trying to get her to write faster."
 — Tiffany Reisz, international bestselling author of the Original Sinners series

"...I generally really like the way she tells a story. It's unusual, and we can always use that in romance." — KJ Charles, author of the Sins of the Cities series

"Snyder has earned a place on my automatic buy list." — Audra North, author of the Hard Driving series 

"I really like how she works in language/cultural details with which the reader might not be familiar, which is done in a very subtle fashion." — AJ Cousins, author of the Bend or Break series 

"Snyder captures the way part of what makes you fall for someone can be witnessing them do something amazing creatively." 
— erotic romance author Xan West