Contact/Press Kit

Follow Suleikha on Twitter and Bluesky @suleikhasnyder. She loves hearing from readers and is also available to speak to RWA chapters, book clubs, and other groups on a variety of topics.

Some areas of expertise:
-what soaps can teach you about writing romance.
-how to write effective novellas and short stories.
-how to write/research South Asian characters.
-how to do readings, from picking the right excerpt to performance tips.

For all other professional inquiries, please visit Suleikha's literary representation, Courtney Miller-Callihan, at

Download Suleikha's press kit (with bio, hi-res photos, etc) here. 

Some past press:

March 12, 2021. Wicked Wallflowers podcast with hosts Jenny Nordbak and Sarah Hawley, "148 - Suleikha Snyder: Big Bad Wolf." 

March 3, 2021. Brown Book Series with Shay Baby, "A Novel Experience with Best-Selling Award-Winning Author Suleikha Snyder."

•September 25, 2020. Feminist Erotica podcast with hosts Jera Brown and Princess McDowell, "Suleikha Snyder on Bollywood, Werewolves, and Hot Bartenders."

•May 29, 2019. Whoa!mance podcast with hosts Morgan and Isabeau, episode 56.

•December 19, 2018. Buzzfeed News: "The Best Romance Novels Of 2018, According To One Of The Best Romance Writers," by Alyssa Cole.

•September 18, 2018. Journeys of Romance podcast with host Jess Michaels, episode 6.

•April 22, 2018. The Times of India: "Mary to Mili: Love Lit Now Has Desi Colour" by Ketaki Desai.

•April 13, 2018. The Teal Mango: "Author Suleikha Snyder Dishes on her new Romance Novel, Diversity, and why we all Deserve Orgasms" by Lakshmi Gandhi.

•October 31, 2016. NPR: "Three Romances to Light Up Your Diwali" by Sonali Dev.

•July 25, 2014. She Knows: "Classic Disney fairy tales are being rewritten as erotic literature" by Rachel Kramer Bussel.

•February 13, 2014. Bitch Media: "Three Authors Discuss Their Favorite Romance Novels Featuring People of Color."

•January 23, 2014. The Toast: "A Conversation About Asian-American Erotic Fiction."